The Tale
In a secret land... six warring clans fight for control of a magical water source that gives them special powers. They look cute, but they fight dirty. Meet The Battle Bunnies.
King Hareld, leader of the Battle Bunnies

The Prologue

On the lost continent of Carkayous, at its Southernmost tip lies Ferchett’s Island. West of the Shinokey Mountains, traveling through Shippling’s Gap, you will find a war that has raged on for centuries. The Battle Bunnies and their allies have protected the enchanted waters of Imaginük Falls long before most can remember.
The Battle Bunnies Territory on Ferchett's Island
No one is truly sure of all of the magical properties the waters hold, but one thing is certain: those who control the waters control the land.

History of Ferchett's Island West

Long ago all bunnies, made up of the male Vikings and female Valkyries, belonged to the Sylvilagüs clan. All warriors in their own right, some were more proficient in combat, while others went the way of magic. Some held talents in the art of stealth and intrigue, some born with an affinity for the sea. Together they worked as one to protect Imaginük Falls and the surrounding land all while growing into the most prosperous civilization in all of Ferchett’s Island.
Other thriving civilizations that have held their lands for centuries are the Medieval Mice and Samurai Squirrels. The mice hold a strong alliance with the bunnies, while the squirrels' relationship with both, was tenuous at best.
The Bountiful Beavers, also allied with the bunnies and mice, hold the dams to the North. They protect and control the flow of the waters of Imaginük, making sure all have access to it in order to grow and thrive.
Otterman Empire lords over the dams to the South. An arm of the Samurai Squirrel’s clan, they protect the squirrels' reign over all waters that flow through the southern lands. This has caused much strife and suffering to those who have settled these areas over the years.
Not all squirrels agree with their Emperor's treatment of the south's inhabitants, but to speak up means either being cast out or imprisoned…or worse.
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History of Ferchett's Island West