The Grimoire
Dive into the epic history of The Battle Bunnies forever being written.

What is The Grimoire?

Since time began, The Grimoire book has been passed from generation to generation down King Herald's lineage – a chronicled symbol of the bunnies' sovereignty. Chambered within the mother Hearth Tree and safeguarded by King Hareld, The Grimoire is the ancient tome that holds the collective stories of The Battle Bunnies throughout the ages.
Crafted by those who lay history to its realm, the ancient book contains the history of the lands, battles, and backstories of all Battle Bunnies in the universe.
The Grimoire is the heart of the community and as part of it, each member can contribute to its never-ending story by adding their own bunny's history and background to the Bunny Lore.
The Grimoire, illustrated by Frank La Natra​
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