The Land
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Ferchett's Island West
Ferchett's Island West is a location at the southernmost tip of the continent, Carkayous. Therein lies a realm that is only seen through the imagination and only known by those that can't see, through the stories written within its Grimoire. This land is filled with civilizations and armies of all sorts of critters and animal species. As history tells, these civilizations have warred for centuries to control the main source of the magical waters that run through their lands.

The Territories

Ferchett's Island

The waters of Imaginük Falls that flow through the land’s streams and rivers have blessed many civilizations, built alongside their path, with magic and abundance. Some, who weren’t as lucky to have settled on more fortunate lands, have had to beg, borrow or steal just to survive. The waters of Imaginük have been the decisive factor in the evolution of Ferchett’s Island.
Imaginuk Falls
Some of the highest mountain peaks in the land and controlled by the infamous Valkyrie Christakins, also known as the "Snow Queen". These mountains are the main outlook point for all of Ferchett's Island and allows Christakins to keep a watchful eye on the land. She is the keeper of peace and watchful eyes for King Hareld. Due to it's climate and altitude, these mountain tops are peaceful and serene and very little disturbs the snow of Snowflake Valley.
Christakins in the snowy tundra of Snowflake Valley
A labyrinthine Forest, also known as the “Woods of Insanity”. Most who enter these woods lose their minds. It is currently ruled by Knärf the Mad and his band of wacky misfit bunnies. Once explorers for the great King Hareld, they had entered the forest in search of resources and new civilizations, only to lose their sanity and eventually forget why they were there in the first place. Till this day no one understands the magical properties of this forest and those who try are destined to join the ranks of Knärf.
Knarf himself in Delirium Forest
Currently held by The Northern Guild. The Crags are a heavily defensible area, formerly ruled by "Slewov the Great". Its is known for its treacherous rocky terrain and mountainous chokepoints. Even travelers and merchants struggle to traverse this area with a large portion tumbling to their deaths. Kröy's main trade routes are through the Creotic sea, located to the north. Though its access to the waters of Imaginük are limited, its still a highly sought after stronghold due it's defensible position and location.
Prince Reginald III in the Crags of Kroy

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